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Here are some important dates for April 2019:


April 1st:  First Grade Trip to Vanderbilt Planetarium (Mrs. Royle, Mrs.

Arcuri/Mrs. Franco, Mrs. Cambria's Classes),

Falcon Club Meets 


April 3rd: Newspaper, Music and Time for Tech Clubs Meet 

April 5th: Spirit Day: Superhero Shirt and Smencil Sale

April 8th: Falcon Club trip to Cafe' Dolce Vita

April 10th: Kindergarten Trip to Deer Park Library, 

Newspaper, Music and Time for Tech Clubs Meet

April 11th: Kindergarten Trip to Deer Park Library,

International Poetry Festival, K-12 at Deer Park High School at 7:00p.m.

April 11th & 12th: Music Club Performances of Aladdin

April 16th: Kindergarten Trip to L.I.C.M. (Mrs. Massaro, Mrs. Farrell/Mrs.

Lynch, Mrs. Linkletter, Mrs. Boccard),

First Grade Trip to Vanderbilt Planetarium (Mrs. DeMarchis, Mrs. Kraus, 

Mrs. Grafstein/Mrs. Napolitano)

Display My Art Fundraiser ends


April 17th: Second Grade Trip to the Cradle of Aviation Museum,

PFC Meeting and Nominations at 7:00p.m.

April 18th: Kindergarten Trip to L.I.C.M. (Mrs. Bica, Mrs. Cotrone, Mrs.

Rotunno/Mrs. Bonin and Mrs. Langer's Classes)


April 19th-26th: Spring Break! Schools Closed


April 24th: MM Family Fun Day at Adventureland


April 29th: ​Class of the Month Ice Cream Social: Mrs. Boccard and

Mrs. Langer's Class,

Falcon Club Meets Today


April 30th: B.O.E. Meeting at Deer Park High School at 8:00p.m.






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Four from Deer Park Chosen for Colors Exhibit

Four from Deer Park Chosen for Colors Exhibit

Four Deer Park students – May Moore second graders Carmine Baio and Nayla Isaac and JFK fifth graders Addison Costanza and Gavyn DeFour – were selected to have their artwork showcased at the 21st annual Colors of Long Island student art exhibit, held in March at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook. The May Moore pieces were inspired by the artist Vincent van Gogh, while the JFK artworks were inspired by mandalas representing the universe. The students attended the show with their families, accompanied by art teachers Briana Nussbaum and Michelle Sarco.

Deer Park’s Stellar Music Program Earns Another NAMM Award

Deer Park’s Stellar Music Program Earns Another NAMM Award
The district’s music program earned recognition again as one of the NAMM Foundation’s Best Communities for Music Education. The annual designation, now in its 20th year, rewards exceptional achievement in efforts to provide music access and education to all students.

“Deer Park is very proud to be honored as one of the best communities for music education by NAMM for 2019,” said Bradley Murphy, the district’s curriculum associate for fine and performing arts.

Deer Park Comes Together to Support Down Syndrome Awareness

Deer Park Comes Together to Support Down Syndrome Awareness
Deer Park Comes Together to Support Down Syndrome Awareness 3

May Moore celebrated Down Syndrome Awareness Day on March 21 with a special guest of honor, Adrian Bruno, a May Moore first-grader with Down Syndrome.

Staff and students showed their support by wearing blue and yellow, the official Down Syndrome colors, while elementary teachers and district administrators donned Down Syndrome awareness socks purchased from John’s Crazy Socks in Melville, a business owned by a young man with Down Syndrome. More than 100 pairs of socks were sold, with donations going to the Association of Children with Down Syndrome, National Down Syndrome Society and Special Olympics.

Teacher Alannah Boccard and speech therapist Doreen Bellantoni had previously visited each class at May Moore to speak to the students about acceptance and friendship. During their presentation, the two educators talked about people’s differences and similarities, read the Todd Parr book

“It’s Okay to Be Different,” and explained to the students what it means to have Down Syndrome and how to be inclusive to people with differing needs. The students then brainstormed ways to show random acts of kindness, which were written up and displayed in the main lobby hallway for all to read. 

“This day meant a lot to Adrian and his family,” said Boccard. “It was so nice to have the whole school and district come together to show their love and support.”

Exploring Languages at May Moore

Exploring Languages at May Moore

On World Language Exploration Day, students at May Moore were visited by high school seniors for fun, colorful lessons in French, Italian and Spanish. The annual event, held on March 19, is part of World Languages and Cultural Awareness Month. It gives the younger students a first look at languages other than English and provides the high schoolers with a chance to get creative in learning to educate others.



May Moore Kindergartners Treat Their Teddy Bears

May Moore Kindergartners Treat Their Teddy Bears
Kindergartners at May Moore enjoyed an educational Teddy Bear Clinic on March 5, an injury prevention program sponsored by the Trauma Center at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital. Nurses from Stony Brook visited the school to discuss car and helmet safety with the students. At the program’s end, the children donned surgical masks to tend to their injured stuffed animal pals.
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