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March is World Languages and Cultural Awareness Month!


          March 1st - Music Club Meets Today

         March 2nd – “READ” Kick-Off – “Turtle Dance Music” Assembly;

                              Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss; Spirit Day and Smencil Sale

         March 6th – Music Club Meets Today (Mice and Cinderella Only)

         March 7th – Spring Book Fair

         March 8th – Spring Book Fair; Music and Newspaper Clubs Meet Today

         March 9th – 2nd Trimester Ends Today

         March 11th – Daylight Savings! Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour!

         March 12th – Canyon Creek Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler Opens                                        Today for Parents!

         March 13th – Music Club Meets Today (Main Characters Only)

         March 14th – MM PFC Meeting  7:00 P.M.

         March 15th – Pajama Night! Brady Rymer Assembly!

         March 16th – Mrs. Cotrone is “Principal for the Day”!

         March 17th – Top O’ The Mornin’ to Ya! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

         March 20th – Teddy Bear Clinic – Kindergarten Classes; Music Club                    

                                 Meets Today (Mice and Cinderella Only); Canyon Creek Scheduler

                                 Closes to Parents Today

         March 21st – Author Day! Welcome Richard Torrey!

         March 22nd – Newspaper Club Meets Today; Parent/                                                                             Teacher Evening Conferences 5:00 –8:00 p.m.

         March 23rd – Parent/Teacher Conferences ½ day for students;  all report cards 

                                  go home today for students who did not have a conference;

                                  Music Club Meets Today 12:20 p.m. – full dress rehearsal;

                                  MMPFC Annual Auction – Memorare Caterers 7:00 p.m.

         March 26th - Class of the Month Ice Cream Social – Mrs. Steinman’s Class;

                                  Music Club dress rehearsal 9:45 a.m.

         March 27th – Music Club dress rehearsal 1:00 p.m.; MM World Language                                             Exploration Day, Display My Art Fundraiser Begins

         March 28th – Pre-K Registration at District Office by appointment only;

                                  Music Club  performance of “Cinderella” evening show, 7:00 p.m.

         March 29th – Music Club performance of “Cinderella” school assemblies 10:00                                   a.m. & 2:00 p.m.

         March 30th  -  School Closed for Spring Holiday Recess!



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Artistic May Moore Second-Graders Showcased at ‘Colors’

Artistic May Moore Second-Graders Showcased at ‘Colors’

Artworks by two second-graders from May Moore – Camila Melgar Ayala and Mohammad Rauf – were chosen for display in the 20th annual Colors of Long Island student art exhibit, held at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook. Rauf attended the show, accompanied by teachers Briana Nussbaum and Michelle Sarco.

Sponsored by Astoria Bank, Colors of Long Island provides K-12 students the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents in a professional museum setting.

Rauf’s pumpkin piece and Melgar Ayala’s acorn painting, both watercolors, were inspired by the colorful patterns of artist Romero Britto.

May Moore’s Mustaches Make for Diligent Readers

May Moore’s Mustaches Make for Diligent Readers
Bringing a novel note to promoting a love of literacy, May Moore’s annual READ program concluded with the students wearing faux mustaches to school to remind everyone of the importance of reading. Joining in on the “Mustache you to READ” fun were head custodian Michael Sheehan, whose mustache is real, and Principal Alicia Konecny.

May Moore Students Jump for Healthier Lifestyle

May Moore Students Jump for Healthier Lifestyle
May Moore Students Jump for Healthier Lifestyle 2
May Moore Students Jump for Healthier Lifestyle 3
Jump Rope for Heart – a national education and fundraising event sponsored by the American Heart Association – recently came to Deer Park’s May Moore Primary School to promote physical activity and healthier lifestyle and eating habits. During a week of physical education classes with teacher Craig Mangio, students learned about the importance of maintaining a heart-healthy exercise routine and participated in aerobic activities like jumping rope. Funds raised will support potential lifesaving research on heart and blood vessel disease and stroke. 

“At May Moore, we are joining in the fight against our nation’s No. 1 and No. 3 killers: cardiovascular diseases and stroke,” said Associate Principal Heather Levine. “Our physical education teachers designed this week to help our children learn about the importance of heart-healthy exercise.”

Deer Park Sends 23 Student-Artists to SCALA Show

Deer Park Sends 23 Student-Artists to SCALA Show

A total of 23 student-artists from Robert Frost and May Moore were recently chosen for the 2018 Suffolk County Art Leaders Association Children’s Show, which is held annually in cooperation with the Babylon Citizens Council of the Arts. The students and their families attended the show’s reception, enjoying the chance to view their artwork on display.

Deer Park’s SCALA/BACCA Children’s Show participants were Noah Barclift, Jayda Barnes, Antonio Colon, Dania Fadel, Sophia Fasano, Taylor Gaskin-Grawford, Jade Griffin, Jose Iglesias, Tasfiya Haque, Alexia Haynes, Ermilia Honore, Ronnie Horner, Cyrus Hossain, Kathy Lin, Layla King, Kylie McGarty, Marissa Mongelli, Sarah Naqui, Anthony Peschke, Sarai Ponce, Mikaela Ponte, William Rivera and Sophia Zorakhsh.

Dragons Roam the Halls of May Moore

Dragons Roam the Halls of May Moore

Continuing a timeless tradition, first-grade students at May Moore celebrated Chinese New Year by learning all about Lunar New Year traditions, creating mystical paper dragons and then marching through the school’s hallways in a Feb. 16 parade, joined by the school’s kindergartners. The first-graders then enjoyed delicious Chinese food with their parents and classmates.

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