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It's a Holly Jolly Month!

Here are some important dates for December 2018:


December 1st- Deer Park Fire Department Holiday Parade

May Moore will be marching! We hope to see you there at 6:00 p.m.


December 2nd- Happy Hanukkah!


December 3rd- Canyon Creek Online Scheduler Opens today

Make sure you sign up for your child's Parent Teacher conference


December 5th-December 7th- Holiday Fair

December 5th- First Grade Trip to L.I.C.M. 


December 7th- Spirit Day (Holiday Sweater) and Smencil Sale


December 11th- B.O.E. Meeting at 7:30 p.m.


December 12th- 1/2 Day of School for Parent/Teacher Conferences, Music Club Rehearsal (all cast members)


December 13th- 1/2 Day of School, Music Club Rehearsal (select cast members)and Parent Teacher Evening Conferences 


December 14th- 1/2 Day of School, Music Club Rehearsal (select members), PFC Toy Drive Ends,

PFC White Post Winter Pie Fundraiser Begins


December 19th- PFC Goodie Bag Distribution


December 21st- Santa Visit, Sing A-Long and Brass Ensemble visit, Winter Pie Pick-up



Happy Holidays!


See you on January 2, 2019!










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May Moore Kindergartners Give a ‘Hand’ to Vets

 May Moore Kindergartners Give a ‘Hand’ to Vets
 May Moore Kindergartners Give a ‘Hand’ to Vets 2
 May Moore Kindergartners Give a ‘Hand’ to Vets 3
Kindergartners in Tammy Cotrone’s class at May Moore recognized Veterans Day by creating a special poster, a heart made of red and blue paper hands that said, “We wanted to give you a ‘hand’ for serving our country.” Cotrone gifted the poster to local veterans to show her and her student’s appreciation for those who served.

May Moore Second-Graders Find Out What’s in a Name

May Moore Second-Graders Find Out What’s in a Name
May Moore Second-Graders Find Out What’s in a Name 2
May Moore Second-Graders Find Out What’s in a Name3
Second-graders in Danielle Finocchiaro’s ENL class at May Moore recently discussed the importance of names. The students listened to Juana Martinez-Neal’s “Alma and How She Got Her Name,” then went home to interview their parents about the stories behind their own names. They asked questions about who picked out their names, how the names were decided on, if there were stories behind the names, and if their names had any personal or cultural meaning to their families. The second-graders then shared the answers with the class.

“It is so important for children to learn about their names and appreciate their uniqueness,” said Finocchiaro.

Deer Park Community Parades with Pride at Homecoming

Deer Park Community Parades with Pride at Homecoming
Deer Park Community Parades with Pride at Homecoming 2
Deer Park Community Parades with Pride at Homecoming 3

Gray skies could not deter a proud Deer Park community from showing its pride with a terrific parade, marching with gusto on Oct. 20 from JFK to Al Centamore Football Field. Leading the revelers was Superintendent of Schools Eva Demyen, the parade’s grand marshal. Demyen, who has led the district since 2009, will be retiring after this school year.

A highlight of the parade was a fantastic float foursome based on the theme of superheroes. The sophomore class took first place with their Batman float, the juniors came in second with a Spider-Man effort, the freshmen took third with a Hulk creation, and the seniors’ Superman float finished fourth. The sophomores also won the Spirit Week competition and a class fundraiser competition, earning them the chance to hit Principal Charles Cobb in the face with a pie at the homecoming kickoff party.

Student Council President Katherine Cho, the high school’s upcoming valedictorian, led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Guest speakers included Suffolk County Legislator Tom Donnelly, a graduate of Deer Park’s Class of 1984, and retired Babylon Town Clerk Carol Quirk.
After demanding some “real Falcon cheering” from the crowd, Quirk recognized Demyen and presented the superintendent with a certificate of appreciation. 

“I’m truly honored to have been appointed as grand marshal, but I am more honored to have served this awesome community,” said Demyen. “I love this place so much. Where else can you find such an outpouring of people who are so zestful for life and committed to the children of this district? Thank you for your support.”

Performers for the afternoon included the high school’s marching band and women’s choir, the high school and middle school kickline teams, and a talented array of cheerleading squads including the high school’s varsity and junior varsity as well as younger Robert Frost Middle School, competition and PAL teams.

Before the start of the varsity football game, Sammy Ahmed was named homecoming king and Gianna Minerva as homecoming queen. The homecoming court was rounded out by Ryan Hegney, Charlie Jacob, Joe Leon, Alyssa Shindel, Isabella Vene and DeAnna Vento.

In the football contest, a valiant effort by the football Falcons fell short, with the team falling to Newfield, 49-38.

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