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Locker Room Guidelines

There are Men's and Women's locker and bathroom facilities and two curtains for use on deck at the pool for use by pool patrons and program participants ONLY. We do not admit people from the track, or spectators from outdoor events. In addition to our Facility Rules, here are some guidelines for cooperative use of the locker rooms.



  • We ask that everyone use the most appropriate locker area considering the privacy of all participants. *If an older child has special needs, or parental assistance is needed for a family with boys and girls, we have two curtains for increased privacy for use outside any particular locker area. Please speak with a senior lifeguard for accommodations if necessary.*
  • Respect other people. Observe expanded personal space; Keep your hands/feet, eyes, and comments to yourself.
  • Gum, food/drink and talcum or baby powders are NOT allowed in the locker room. They create and or contribute to unsafe and unsanitary conditions.  Please cooperate.
  • If you shower, wrap in a towel afterward. For your own health and safety do not sit on the bench without a towel or clothes on.
  • Leave at least one bathroom open for people to use the toilet. If everyone is changing quickly and being respectful of each other you will have privacy and no one will have the embarrassment of having an accident.
  • Use the dryers for your hands and or for your head, but make sure anyone who needs to use them can use them.
  • Leave space between your locker and other people and do not spread your things out excessively on the bench. Leave enough room for everyone to have personal space.
  • You are responsible for your own things. Keep them neat and remember to take them home. You may NOT leave anything in a locker past your swim time. Report / turn in any belongings left by others to the lifeguards and check lost and found if you misplace something.
  • No running, throwing objects, climbing on lockers, or jumping around. 
  • Do not lean or sit on sinks.
  • No Yelling.  Indoor voices ONLY.
  • No whipping towels.


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