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Upcoming Events and DPHS Information:


Please be advised:  Tonight's (Thursday) performance of HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING is canceled due to inclement weather. 


In Lieu of tonight's performance, a Saturday matinee at 1pm has been added.  Any pre-sold Thursday night tickets will be honored at any of this weekend's performances.

  • Monday, March 19th -- DPHS College Fair -- 6pm.

  • Friday, March 23rd - 24th -- This year's high school musical, How to Succeed in Business without really Trying. Join us for this wonderful production! 

Friday, March 23rd at 7pm

Saturday, March 24th at 1pm

Saturday, March 24th at 7pm

  • Tuesday, March 27th -- DPHS Parent Faculty Club Meeting --  at 6:30pm in the faculty cafeteria.

  • Thursday, March 29th -- District-Wide Talent Show -- in the High School auditorium.  All are welcome!

  • Friday, March 30th - Friday, April 6th -- Spring Break

  • Wednesday, April 11th -- Quarter 3 ends.  Parent Portal Closed

  • Wednesday, April 11th -- DP Arts Council Meeting @ DPHS, 7pm




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Thoughtful Students Promote Positivity with P.S. I Love You

Thoughtful HS and Frost Students Promote Positivity with P.S. I Love You

For the second consecutive year, thoughtful students at the high school and Robert Frost celebrated P.S. I Love You Day by wearing purple to represent a stand against bullying and support for ending depression and preventing suicide.

P.S. I Love You Day was started in 2010 by West Islip teenager Brooke DiPalma, following the tragic suicides of her father and a senior at her school. The event, held each year on the second Friday of February, promotes positive messages of love, acceptance and community, symbolized by the color purple.

At the high school, the Community Service Club and student council hung notes with positive messages and sayings on every student's locker, every teacher’s door and all of the supporting staff members’ desks.

“The students’ efforts let everyone know how much they are appreciated and how much they matter at Deer Park High School,” said ELA teacher Christine DiProperzio, who serves as adviser for the Community Service Club and student council. “With all of the negativity on social media and on the news, we wanted to make sure that everyone in our building knew how much they mattered to our school and our community. We were pleasantly surprised that the signs stayed up for a few days, and even more surprised when we saw some of the kids saved their signs and hung them inside their lockers.”

Over at Robert Frost, the school’s student council shared the message of P.S. I Love You Day, guided by teachers Dani Iadevaia and Denise Tassey.

“This is an amazing cause,” said Associate Principal Philip Paniccia. “We asked everyone to wear purple to show support. We hoped that on that day, students and staff would be able to walk around the school and see a sea of purple, and hear nothing but positive messages that make them feel special and loved and remind them that they are never alone.”

Two AP Art Students Exhibit at ‘Advanced Visions’

Two AP Art Students Exhibit at ‘Advanced Visions’

Vincenza Grippe and Julianne Scrogham, both AP art studio students at the high school, were recently chosen for the LIU Post “Advanced Visions 14: High School Artists of Excellence” exhibit. This prestigious annual exhibit highlights the work of talented high school art students across Long Island, and pieces by Grippe and Scrogham were displayed at Post’s Student Art League gallery in the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library.

“My experience at Advanced Visions was amazing,” said Grippe. “I showcased my work in front of many people, including college professors. I am grateful for this opportunity and would do it again.”

“Being able to have my work shown at LIU Post was a huge learning experience for me,” said Scrogham. “I had the opportunity to see artwork by other artists my age, as well as receive feedback on my own work, which I am very grateful for.”

Derek Mainhart, the students’ AP art studio teacher, said, “I am so proud of Vincenza and Julianne’s accomplishments, and am gratified that they took advantage of this wonderful opportunity to display their artwork to the public.”

Author Santorelli Offers Tips for Young Creative Writers

Author Santorelli Offers Tips for Young Creative Writers
Author Santorelli Offers Tips for Young Creative Writers 2
Author Dina Santorelli, known for her suspenseful “Baby Grand” trilogy, recently spoke with creative writing classes at the high school. During the visit, held at the school’s auditorium, Santorelli told the students about her writing process and how she started self-publishing. She also provided tips and websites that can help young authors get started, and discussed how to self-promote on social media.

Determined Senior Jacques Vincent Finds Path to Health

Determined Senior Jacques Vincent Finds Path to Health

Jacques Vincent, an inspirational senior athlete at the high school, has proven that determination can effect positive change. Vincent, the boys varsity track team’s sole shot putter, entered high school weighing 430 pounds and suffering from diabetes, and today, he stands at what he calls a “peaceful” weight of 229.

His weight gain began back in 2008 at age 8, after a car accident left his mother with a paralyzed arm.

“In the wake of this incident, my coping method was to eat,” Vincent said. By age 14, he weighed 431.4 pounds and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease shared by several older family members.

“I was shocked to my core,” he said. “2015 was the darkest year of my life. I couldn’t lose weight and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I had a moment of weakness, which also was my waking moment as well. I was all alone at home, looking in the mirror, screaming at myself, 'Why are you so fat, so slow, so ugly?' But then something in me just changed.”

For the next two years, Vincent trained hard at the gym and participated in school including football, lacrosse, wrestling, golf and most recently, track.

“Track was a sport I thought I could never do because I was too big,” he said, but after two years of working out, eating right and drinking “tons of water,” Vincent lost more than 200 pounds and was able to succeed at his athletic dreams.

“I hope, my story can help kids lose weight and get healthy, but most importantly be happy and enjoy life,” he said.

“Jacques is a gentleman and a scholar,” said assistant track coach Mario Fiore. “His achievement is an outcome of his hard work, proper diet and mental toughness.”

High School Actors Get a Creative ‘Clue’

High School Actors Get a Creative ‘Clue’
The high school took a creative tack for this year’s winter play, “Clue,” which started out as a murder mystery board game in 1949, and was later made into a movie in 1985. Guided by director Kristen Wallace, the school’s dramatic arts students adapted the movie for the stage, including a multimedia element in which the students filmed sections of the story at the Scully Mansion at Seatuck and then integrated these prerecorded segments into the live performance.

The cast included Nolan Maggio as Wadsworth, Tori DiTomasso as Mrs. Peacock, Michael Colombo as Colonel Mustard, Saraphina Morano as Mrs. White, Evan Hytner as Professor Plum, Madi Steddick as Miss Scarlet, Aashish Joshi as Mr. Green and Alexa Bellotti as Yvette.

The production also included mug shots of each character on display in the lobby, and participation cards for the audience to help them solve the murders. The Deer Park Arts Council provided a step and repeat banner in the lobby, giving the evening the feel of a red carpet cinema event.

"Adapting a movie transcript for the stage was a difficult task,” said Wallace. “The students were so enthusiastic about developing such rich and iconic characters, and the cast and crew worked tirelessly to bring this show to life. I am so proud.”

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