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Central Registration

All incoming students who will be attending school in the Deer Park School District must register at the Office of Central Registration located at the Administration Office, 1881 Deer Park Avenue, Deer Park, NY 11729. Please call (631) 274-4372 to schedule an appointment as necessary.

Before a student may be enrolled in the Deer Park School System, the following entrance requirements must be met.

  1. Student must be registered by a parent or a legal guardian.
    (Proof of legal guardianship must be presented to school registrar.)
  2. Proof of Residency:
    (One of the following items below must include the name and address of the parent or legal guardian.)
    1. Mortgage Documents
    2. Homeowners Insurance Policy
    3. Property tax bill
    4. Current utility bill (gas, water, phone or electric)

    *If you are in a rental situation, you must have all of the following as listed:
    1. Landlord Affidavit
    2. Proof of Deer Park residency of landlord; one of the items listed above, (see 3 a-d)
    3. Proof of your residence at the Deer Park address - two of the following items:
      1. Current Utility Bill
      2. Social Services paperwork
      3. Medical or automobile insurance document
  3. Proof of birth date (one of the following):
    1. Birth Certificate
    2. Baptismal Certificate
    3. Passport
  4. Proof of all the following immunizations and vaccines:
    1. Polio, three doses
    2. MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella), one dose, with second dose of Measles vaccine (MMR preferred)
    3. DPT, three doses
    4. HIB vaccine, one dose (up to age 5 years)
    5. Tuberculosis testing (within the last year)
    6. Proof of a physical exam within 30 days before or after enrollment for a new entrant (with the exception of Kindergartners - exam within 90 days prior to the first day of school)
    7. Lead testing
    8. Hepatitis B, three doses (if born on or after 1/1/93 or if entering grade 7 after September 2001)
    9. Varicella (chicken pox) - As of September 2003, the varicella vaccine will be required for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten. As of September 2005, children must be vaccinated before entering 6th grade.
  5. Present transfer document releasing student from former school. (New York City Schools issue release cards)

Registration is not complete until all necessary information and documentation is provided to the school your child will attend.

Falsification of residency documentation will result in exclusion from the Deer Park School District and financial liability for appropriated tuition costs.

Deer Park School District