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Springboard Diving 

This recreational activity for beginner and non-competitive divers includes the introduction of approach & hurdle sequences, techniques for basic forward and back dives from the board and core body strength and balance exercises.  Enrollment is limited to candidates who meet pre-requisites and successfully complete a pre-course evaluation or who have been approved for this program as a result of participation in another program. Potential participants who lack swimming proficiency in deep water, or who have a fear of heights will NOT enjoy this experience even if they are excellent swimmers otherwise. 


ALL potential participants must contact Aquatic Director Jeanne-Marie Kavanagh to enroll (repeat participants included) or to make an appointment for the evaluation if new to this program prior to enrollment.  Students who show up without pre-registering will not be permitted to participate.  Class space is limited. This program is NOT part of Learn to Swim, please DO NOT stand in line at that registration for this program.


  • Minimum age 8 years old
  • Jump into deep water, swim to the surface, turn around, level off and swim 10 feet to safety.
  • Perform a forceful streamlined glide underwater with correct arm and head position.
  • Show a willingness to enter the water headfirst from the poolside and feet first from the low diving board.

*Pre-requisites must be verified. Enrollment space is very limited for this program,

Email to make an appointment for pre-requisite skills verification  or to pre-enroll in this program. Evaluations can be conducted  by  the senior lifeguard at any public swim session. Enrollment verification for this or recommendation for another program will be confirmed for you by the Aquatic Director via email. Please do not attend the program without enrollment verification from the Aquatic Director. Registration will be completed at the first attended class.

Note:  Parent observations will be on the first and last day of the session - participants may be dropped off for this program but an adult must accompany the participant during public swimming hours if under  age 13. Memberships and/or daily use fees will apply during public swimming. The diving board will be off limits whenever necessary due to lifeguard coverage and other activities in the pool during public swimming hours.

*The 3 Meter board is currently OFF LIMITS completely*



Winter Activity Scheduled: Tuesdays  6:30-7:15 PM January 21st-March 17th except NOT Feb 18th 

Pre-enroll as outlined above starting August 26th (evaluations will not take place until the pool is open), registration will be completed at the first class for this program ONLY for participants who pre-enrolled. Do not come to stand in line for Learn to Swim. 


Enrollment Fees:  $40 Deer Park Resident      $80 Non-Resident


Deer Park School District