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Aquatic Center


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Spring programs are getting started! Spring is our most popular season for program enrollment, most classes will close out with full enrollment. Please follow the process for each program; some require pre-requisite testing, some have in-person registration others only require an email or voice message to get on the list.. Click on "Program" on the left and then the title of whichever you are interested in for details.


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Swim schedules may be interrupted or suspended during storms and / or during health and safety mandated maintenance. In the event of inclement weather, including severe storms and lightning, please call ahead if you would like to check our recorded message at #274-4187. The recording will either state our regular hours of operation or it will say that days date and that we are closed. Do not leave messages on that line please. You may also follow the pool on Twitter for quick notifications!   "@DPHSAquaticCtr"

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