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             English as a New Language (ENL)

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                   ENL: Celebrating Language and Culture

Please review the terms below to assist you in understanding our program:

  • ELL: English Language Learner
  • ESL: English as a Second Language
  • ENL: English as a New Language (2015)
  • LEP: Limited English Proficiency
  • LAB-R: Language Achievement Battery- Revised
  • MLL: Multi Language Learner
  • NYSITELL: New York State Identification Test for English Language Learners
  • NYSESLAT: New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test
  • HLQ: Home Language Questionnaire




          How are students identified as English Language Learners?

  1. All families are administered the Home Language Questionnaire as part of the overall registration process.

  2. Deer Park UFSD is mandated to follow the NYS Individual Interview Guidance and  Identification Process.

  3. If a student is identified as an ELL, he/she is placed into the ENL Free Standing program. Services, contact hours and/or class periods are determined by a student's level of proficiency and grade level, as indicated by either the NYSITELL and or NYSESLAT.

  4. Once a child is identified and placed in the ENL program, New York State requires that all identified ELL students receive ENL instruction, appropriate to their proficiency level. The NYSESLAT is the end of year state assessment that can determine if a student has reached a level of Commanding. Once that level is reached on both the Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing sections, the student is exited from the ENL program and remains as a student in transition for two years.  Additional support is available for all Transitional Students.


 ENL Midyear Parent Teacher Conferences


ENL Midyear Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held at all elementary schools, grades K-5, on January 25 & 26, 2017.  All secondary conferences, grades 7-12, will be held on February 1 & 2, 2017.  Letters will be sent out to all families with conference details and location.


                                            New for 2016-2017

                   Click on the link below for the New York State Parent Orientation Videos:


                                                        NYS Parent Orientation Videos



                                    **New Program for 2016-2017**                                                                           

                 ENL Parent Academy at the Abraham Lincoln School 

  Where:      Abraham Lincoln School

                     300 Park Avenue 

                     Deer Park, NY  11729

  When:  Thursday Evenings

  Start Date: October 27, 2016

  Time:  6:00pm-8:00pm

  Cost:         Free to Deer Park Residents

  Program:  For parents to learn English language skills in a supportive and informational setting.

                                                *Child Supervision will be provided*

Students will participant in activities, English lessons and have an opportunity to complete assigned work.


                                         ENL Lincoln School Parent Academy Program Flyer



English Language Classes for Adults @ Deer Park Public Library


                                     Deer Park Public Library               


On Your Mark... Get Ready... READ!

This summer our ENL elementary students participated in our summer program which was held at the John F. Kennedy School.  With the Olympics in motion, some of our students participated in our version of summertime Olympic fun!  Students  learned about healthy eating, sports and famous athletes and even had time for their very own Olympic Games.



                                                         Our Future Gold Medalists...




ENL Pool Party,  June 2016


On June 2, 2016, our ENL students enjoyed an evening of fun at the high school pool with their teachers and friends.  Students participated in relays, pool games and activities.  This year's theme was Under the Sea.   This was a great way to end our very busy 2015-2016 school year.

                                                 Getting Ready for Pool Fun...



       ENL Family Pool Party June 2016                



                                        ENL Events for 2015-2016:



                      JFK Culture Night 



On January 20, 2016, JFK ENL students, teachers and families celebrated traditions by participating in a Holidays Around the World event. Students visited stations to prepare crafts, learn about cultures and sample holiday treats from countries and regions in on world.  It was a fun family night for all.





May Moore Family Night 2016


                               May Moore Family Night 2015


May Moore ENL students participated in a Family Fun Night on February 24, 2016.  This year, children visited stations set up around the cafeteria and enjoyed a winter wonderland theme.  Students were able to create snowmen, play with snow and share their very own music video with their families and friends.  The evening ended with students performing and singing songs on the May Moore stage.   Families experienced an evening of fun activities, music and yummy treats.  It was a wonderful, wintry event.

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