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Welcome to The Math Department!


We are ready for an exciting new year! We have so many course offerings and opportunities for student success. Our goal continues to be to use real world applications to drive instruction and motivation. 


Ms. Christine Gill
Curriculum Associate for Math & Business

(631) 274-4169



Deer Park High School Staff

Mr. Cinquemani  

Ms. DiCandia

Ms. Gieck-Hayes   Ms. Held 
Mrs. Jewell  
Mrs. Josefak  
Mrs. Karousis  
Mr. Marcus  
Mrs. McCormack  
Mr. McCreesh  
Ms. McDermott  
Mrs. Moran  
Ms. Miano
Ms. Racano
Mrs. Salemi 
Ms. Troffa  
Ms. Wehner



Robert Frost Middle School Staff

Mr. Alcabes   Ms. Alvanos 
Mr. Auer  
Mrs. Black  
Mrs. Cangelosi
Ms. Demyen  
Ms. Funaro  
Mrs. Jewell  
Mrs. Lynch   Mr. Mascolo  
Mr. Tannacore  
Ms. Tassey  
Ms. Stein  


















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