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Deer Park High School Guidance & Counseling Center

Phone Number: 631-274-4120

Fax Number: 631-242-2908

High School Code: 331-583


The mission of the Deer Park School District is to provide each and every student exemplary programs of study within a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment. It is our vision that our students will achieve academic excellence, mastering those concepts, skills, and processes that will enable them to become thoughtful, productive citizens in our society. Our students will be career/college ready.


As an extension of this mission, the School Counseling Department is committed to the social, personal, and academic development of the students of Deer Park.  This includes their nurturing as future citizens in society and members of the work force.  Towards this end, the department works closely with all students to assist them in developing good decision making and leadership skills and in providing them with the necessary information to make good choices about their post high school options.  The department works closely with parents to keep open, clear, and consistent channels of communication; advising them on the progress of their children and to provide them with information to assist in their involvement in the development of their children.  Finally, the department works closely with staff to develop effective strategies to meet the educational and various needs of the students of Deer Park.



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Staff Members:

  • Sean O'Brien Associate Principal, Guidance & Support Services



  • Mrs. Kate Alvich
  • Mr. Cory Black
  • Mrs. Bianca Cannizzaro
  • Mrs. Rachel Glaubach
  • Mrs. Margaret Pereira
  • Mr. Noel Skelton


  • Ms. Angeline Ramos, High School College & Career Center & K-5 Counselor


Department Secretaries:

  • Ms. Eleanor Brand
  • Ms. Debbie Cook


College & Career Center


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