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Internet Policy

The Deer Park Union Free School District believes that the use of the Internet is an integral part of the educational process. Therefore, it should be viewed as a teaching and learning resource, as are approved textbooks and other curriculum-based tools.

The Deer Park Union Free School District utilizes Internet filtering software to assist in the prevention of inappropriate sites and materials reaching the student. We believe the best vigilance is provided the professional and lay staff in our employ.

Should a parent/guardian wish for their child not to have access to this resource, they may do so by signing a form which is available in all our schools.


District Web Site – Policy & Guidelines


The Superintendent and the IT Department maintain a list of District personnel who are authorized to post directly to the District’s Web site. Authorized personnel are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of the posted content.

Links to Web sites must be approved by the appropriate administrator and must link from the appropriate District Web site page. The approving administrator is responsible for reviewing the content of the linked site. For example: If a teacher creates a Web site and wants it connected to the District’s site, a link to that Web site will be created off the appropriate department’s or school’s District Web site page following approval by the administrator.

District eBoards are assigned with the approval of the appropriate administrator. The approving administrator is responsible for reviewing the content of the eBoard(s).

Administrators and the IT Department periodically review the District’s Web site for timeliness of content. The IT Department periodically archives untimely content. Administrators periodically delete their untimely content.

For the safety of our students, District employees should follow these guidelines when posting student-related information to the District’s Web site, sites that link from the District Web site, and District eBoards:

· Documents/pictures may not include student last names.

· Family information (address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) may not be posted.

· Student location information (schedule, after-school activity participation, bus stop, etc.) may not be posted.



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