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Upcoming Events

February 14, 2019:

JFK Carnation/Rose Sale

February 18-22, 2019:

Midwinter Recess, School Closed

February 25, 2019:

JFK Gr. 5 Square Dance Night 6:30 PM

February 26, 2019:

BOE Regular Open Meeting @ District Office 8 PM

February 27, 2019:

JFK Gr. 4 Sports Night 6:30 PM

February 28, 2019:
JFK Gr. 3 Sports Night 6:30 PM
March 1, 2019: Trimester 2 Ends
​JFK Variety Show Assembly 9:15 AM
JFK Variety Show 6:30 PM
March 12, 2019: BOE Work/Budget Session 1 @ District Office 7:30 PM

     WE C.A.R.E. AT JFK!!!!



JFK Kicks Off Black History Month with Cultural Assembly

JFK Kicks Off Black History Month with Cultural Assembly

Black History Month came to JFK with an array of educational activities designed to spark awareness. The school kicked off the monthlong celebration with an interactive music and dance assembly from the multicultural Phyllis Rose Dance Company, exploring the roots of African and African-American culture.

“JFK is doing some great things to celebrate Black History Month,” said Associate Principal Kelly Benson. “Our students are learning about different African Americans who have impacted our history, and we are spreading Dr. Martin Luther King’s message by spreading kindness around the building, with students are being recognized for small acts of kindness that they do throughout the day.”

Winter Crafts Created at JFK’s ENL Culture Night

Winter Crafts Created at JFK’s ENL Culture Night

JFK had its largest turnout ever for 2019’s ENL Culture Night. Following a "Winter Wonderland” theme, students in attendance made winter-themed crafts with their families, created “snow” out of baking soda and shaving cream, and posed in a larger-than-life snow globe photo booth. The students also debuted their winter-themed video at the event; with the help of their ENL teachers, the children filmed themselves answering questions about winter in their native countries.

Chromebooks Rolled Out at Frost and JFK

Chromebooks Rolled Out at Frost and JFK

A Deer Park initiative recently provided fifth-graders at JFK and sixth- and seventh-graders at Frost with Chromebooks – for use both in school and out – following the completion of a major technology infrastructure upgrade achieved as part of the state’s Smart School project. On Jan. 18, the Chromebooks were rolled out at Frost, following a rollout earlier that week at JFK.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the students in grades five, six and seven,” said Christopher Kauter, the district’s instructional technology administrator.  “We are looking forward to the blended learning instruction that the teachers will be performing.”

On the heels of the tech upgrade, the district had also embarked on a comprehensive shift to the blended learning model, in which the most valuable learning strategies are first identified, and then instructional technology devices and resources are used as tools to make the strategies more efficient and increase the learning experience for students. This blended environment will promote improved performance and rigorous academic standards.

The assessment of these learning strategies is based on work by researcher and educator John Hattie, who took numerous surveys and research from hundreds of school districts around the world and quantified a value-added number for each strategy. Among the most successful strategies the district is focusing on – many which Deer Park teachers have been using for years – are self-assessment, reciprocal teaching, concept mapping, problem-solving teaching, vocabulary strategies, direct instruction, interactive video, spaced vs. mass practice, peer tutoring, questioning and worked examples. Tech software and programs on hand include Castle Learning, CodeMonkey, EDpuzzle, Explain Everything, G Suite, Pear Deck, Poll Everywhere, Soundtrap and WeVideo.

“Blended learning is not just digital learning or traditional learning, but a blend of the two,” Kauter said. “What we want to do is take these learning strategies that the research shows are successful and work in a traditional classroom environment and merge them together with the Chromebooks and instructional software we have.”   

Trying Tasty Treats at JFK's Cookie Swap

Trying Tasty Treats at JFK's Cookie Swap
Trying Tasty Treats at JFK's Cookie Swap 2
Trying Tasty Treats at JFK's Cookie Swap 3

For JFK’s annual cookie swap, teachers baked eight dozen of one kind of cookie to bring in. In return, each teacher left with eight dozen different cookies to take home.

“It’s a great tradition we have at JFK,” said teacher Rosanne Alfieri.

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