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January 1st - New Year's Day - Schools Closed 


January 12th - Family Fun Bingo Night


January 15th - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Schools Closed


January 17th - PFC Meeting at 4:00


January 19th - Spirit Day - Crazy Hat/Hair


January 23rd and 24th - ENL Parent-Teacher Conferences




















Young Scientists at JQA Share Findings and Excitement

Young Scientists at JQA Share Findings and Excitement

As part of an in-depth Teacher’s College science unit, students in Laura Oddo and Vanessa Pizzo’s co-teaching class at JQA worked as active scientists, looking closely at items from nature such as shells, rocks, fossils and plants. The students observed, labeled and listed the objects, just as a real scientist would.

“I loved this unit because it incorporated science, reading and writing,” said Oddo. “The kids were excited to use the magnifying glasses to look closely and describe the features they see.”

Said Pizzo, “I enjoyed watching the students use new vocabulary to share their excitement and findings as well as helping one another and comparing their discoveries.”'

Girl Scout Depre Donates Buddy Benches to JQA

Girl Scout Depre Donates Buddy Benches to JQA

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project, high school student Lauren Depre made a pair of buddy benches for the district’s John Quincy Adams Primary School, for the use of any student in need of a buddy during recess time. JQA’s sudents have been instructed to keep an eye out for any student sitting on one of the benches who they can be a good friend to and include in their play.

“These benches will serve as a tool to help bring our students closer together and to ensure that each student feels included and loved,” said Principal Christopher Molinelli. “On behalf of the entire JQA staff, I would like to thank Lauren for her hard work and donation.”

Depre was honored for her leadership and generosity by Superintendent Eva Demyen at a December Board of Education business meeting.

Patriotic Penpals at JQA

Patriotic Penpals at JQA 1
Patriotic Penpals at JQA 2
Patriotic Penpals at JQA 3
First-graders in Linda Stow’s classroom at Deer Park’s John Quincy Adams Primary School wrote letters earlier this month to U.S. Army troops serving overseas, sending them along with a bucket of candy. The patriotic youngsters received photos and letters in return from the service members.

JQA Learners Benefit from Literacy Centers

JQA Learners Benefit from Literacy Centers

By fundraising through Donors Choose, teacher Jackie Stein was recently able to purchase a variety of literacy centers to help her students at JQA learn their sight words.

“With the broad range of learners in my classroom, literacy centers is one way I can reach all students,” said Stein. “My students love the engaging games and interacting with each ot

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