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Christopher Molinelli


(631) 274-4410

Tammy Alcalde

Associate Principal

Dignity Act Coordinator

(631) 274- 4410

1/1 - Happy New Year!


1/15 -   TRACKS Assembly and PFC Meeting at 4:30


1/17 - Crazy Hair Day


1/20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Schools Closed


1/27 - READ Kickoff & ENL Parent Teacher Conferences


1/28 - ENL Parent Teacher Conferences





Happy New Year!


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A Special Musical Touring Tradition Continues

IMG_2421(2).jpg thumbnail149158

Continuing a special tradition, the high school’s ensembles toured the district on Dec. 20, sharing holiday joy through music.

Joyful Gingerbread Creations at JQA

Joyful Gingerbread Creations at JQA thumbnail146683

In a joyful annual tradition, kindergarten classes at JQA were visited by the students’ family members for a fun session of creating and decorating gingerbread houses.

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