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Christopher Molinelli


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Tammy Alcalde

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12/03 - Parent/Teacher Conference Scheduler Closed


12/04 - 12/06   Parent/Teacher Conferences 12:00pm - 3:30pm

1/2 Day Early Dismissal at 11:30am


12/04 - Parent / Teacher Evening Conferences 5:00pm - 8:00pm


12/10 - 12/12 - Holiday Fair


12/18 - Pre-K Gingerbread House Workshop


12/20 - Spirit Day: Ugly Sweater & Festive Colors


12/23 - 01/01 - Winter Holiday Recess - School Closed



Wishing all our JQA families a

wonderful holiday and a happy new year.

See you in 2020!


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Spelling with Shaving Cream at JQA

Spelling with Shaving Cream at JQA thumbnail139109

Students in Laura Oddo and Vanessa Pizzo’s class at JQA recently had some creative fun by using shaving cream to write out words. Separated into four teams, the students learned about CVC words – consonant, vowel, consonant – and each team was given different words to spell out using their fingers.

“These hands on activities are incredibly memorable for our diverse group of learners,” Pizzo said. “There was a lot of laughter and chatter as the students spelled out their words on the shaving cream boards.”

“It’s important that our students have fun while learning,” Oddo said.

A Pumpkin for Every Student

A Pumpkin for Every Student thumbnail138605

At JQA, the pumpkin patch was ready to harvest on Oct. 24, and all of the students were glad to help.  

“It was a wonderful way to celebrate fall,” said Principal Chris Molinelli. “My thanks to our PFC for organizing this great tradition of donating a pumpkin for every student.”

Finding Family "Treasure" at JQA

Finding Family
Finding Family
Kindergartners in Annette Armenti and Susan Ricciardelli’s class at JQA recently created “family treasure” pages to showcase their families and how special they are. Each page featured a family photograph inside a treasure chest, alongside information about the family’s heritage and favorite foods and celebrations. The students’ pages were then featured on a bulletin board outside the classroom.

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