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Principal's Message

Dear JFK Families,

We welcome you to The John F. Kennedy Intermediate Elementary School. Our school is a warm and inviting learning community where we teach students through hands-on experiences and best practice instruction. Our teachers have worked hard to frame our curriculum around the Common Core State Standards by using their knowledge of how children, grades 3 through 5 learn best. With best practice instruction and strategies we achieve positive outcomes for all learners while maintaining a strong focus on the social, emotional and the physical growth of each child. Each year we look at and re-work our curriculum to meet the Standards and goals New York State defines as a solid foundation for our students. With the continuous work on NYS Math Modules and Unit of Study work through The Columbia Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project, we refine, retool, and re-organize the quality of our instruction. 


Our teachers run solid reading and writing workshops each day in order to foster a great love for reading and writing. Students read at their level in fiction and non-fiction genres, meet for conferences, engage in guided reading, work with peers and meet with their teacher in small group instruction for remedial, grade level and advanced reading sessions.  


In math our teachers are teaching students multiple strategies to solve math problems. They begin by using manipulatives to help make the concept concrete. Teachers then work up to teaching students standard algorithms, once they understand the concept being taught. Teachers are providing students with multiple tools for them to use when problems solving. Students will then be able to decide which strategy works best for them to use. 


The John F. Kennedy Intermediate School is a “We Care” school where falcons learn to soar and where we learn that taking care of each other, while taking care of ourselves are important life lessons for each day in our school community and own lives.  Being respectful, honest, responsible, and cooperative and having empathy are goals we hope to instill. We foster deep thinking, understanding the diverse differences in each of us and acceptance of all while becoming independent learners.


Our staff uses an assortment of activities and strategies to engage all learners in order to foster a more student-centered classroom rather than a teacher directed atmosphere.  Our school believes that a solid school/home connection benefits our students. Through our reports at PFC Meetings, Curriculum Nights, School Messenger blasts and the use of the Remind App we hope to empower parents to assist their children at home, further building on the day’s learning goals as well as keeping them abreast of school activities.


We are proud of the work we have done at John F. Kennedy. We hope you will frequent our website for new items in the Virtual Backpack, peruse the wonderful pictures or visit our Eboards for curriculum help.


We welcome your questions and ideas at any time.    





Susan Bonner

Deer Park School District