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Dr. Eliana K. Levey


 James Henry 
Associate Principal
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Michelle Kwon   Curriculum Associate 6-12 for ELA, Reading and Library
Christine Gill    Curriculum Associate 6-12 for Mathematics and Business
Alison Branca   Curriculum Associate 6-12 for Science and Technology
Heather Stewart   Curriculum Associate 6-12 for Social Studies and FACS
Bradley Murphy   Curriculum Associate K-12 for Fine and Performing Arts
Ashley Rosenberg    District Administrator K-12 for World Languages and ENL

Dominic Fontana 

  District Administrator for Health, Physical Education and Athletics


Philip Paniccia
Dignity Act Coordinator
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 This month, Ms. Connors & Ms. Watkin-Fox will be sharing history & music to celebrate Black History.


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Project Wisdom is a character education program that helps students be cognizant of their choices & how those choices help or hurt those around us.

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Frost Eighth-Grade Orchestra Attends Lincoln Center Rehearsal

Frost Eighth-Grade Orchestra Attends Lincoln Center Rehearsal
The Robert Frost eighth-grade orchestra enjoyed a day out at Lincoln Center on Feb. 8, observing a professional ensemble rehearse for an upcoming performance. The students listened attentively to a piano with string quintet work on a Mozart piano concerto. At the conclusion of the rehearsal, students questioned the professional musicians about practicing and technique, then toured Lincoln Center’s plaza.

Chromebooks Rolled Out at Frost and JFK

Chromebooks Rolled Out at Frost and JFK

A Deer Park initiative recently provided fifth-graders at JFK and sixth- and seventh-graders at Frost with Chromebooks – for use both in school and out – following the completion of a major technology infrastructure upgrade achieved as part of the state’s Smart School project. On Jan. 18, the Chromebooks were rolled out at Frost, following a rollout earlier that week at JFK.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the students in grades five, six and seven,” said Christopher Kauter, the district’s instructional technology administrator.  “We are looking forward to the blended learning instruction that the teachers will be performing.”

On the heels of the tech upgrade, the district had also embarked on a comprehensive shift to the blended learning model, in which the most valuable learning strategies are first identified, and then instructional technology devices and resources are used as tools to make the strategies more efficient and increase the learning experience for students. This blended environment will promote improved performance and rigorous academic standards.

The assessment of these learning strategies is based on work by researcher and educator John Hattie, who took numerous surveys and research from hundreds of school districts around the world and quantified a value-added number for each strategy. Among the most successful strategies the district is focusing on – many which Deer Park teachers have been using for years – are self-assessment, reciprocal teaching, concept mapping, problem-solving teaching, vocabulary strategies, direct instruction, interactive video, spaced vs. mass practice, peer tutoring, questioning and worked examples. Tech software and programs on hand include Castle Learning, CodeMonkey, EDpuzzle, Explain Everything, G Suite, Pear Deck, Poll Everywhere, Soundtrap and WeVideo.

“Blended learning is not just digital learning or traditional learning, but a blend of the two,” Kauter said. “What we want to do is take these learning strategies that the research shows are successful and work in a traditional classroom environment and merge them together with the Chromebooks and instructional software we have.”   

Math Students ‘Break Out’ by Solving Problems

Math Students ‘Break Out’ by Solving Problems
Math Students ‘Break Out’ by Solving Problems 2

Using the exciting Breakout EDU kit, Deer Park math teachers have brought new excitement to their classrooms, instilling critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

At Robert Frost Middle School, Lauren Kalinowski used Breakout EDU to enhance a seventh-grade math lesson on solving two-step equations, infused with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Students were placed into groups and given a scenario where they were trapped in an pharaoh’s tomb. Each group was given large and small Breakout boxes. Students had to solve equations to “escape,” cracking the codes for a four-digit lock, five-letter lock and a five-arrow lock, as well as finding a hidden key to open one of the locks.

At Deer Park High School, teacher Sara DiCandia’s geometry students enthusiastically embraced Breakout EDU, solving puzzles and riddles for a holiday-themed activity.

“Breakout EDU is a great tool to help engage students and enhance critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication skills,” said DiCandia. “This learning experience can be modified for students in all grade levels as well as in all subject areas. I really enjoyed using it in my geometry class because I was able to observe how students worked together as a group to solve each of the problems that helped them unlock a box and get closer to “breaking out.” After reflecting on the activity as a class, and hearing students’ feedback afterwards, I can tell that students really enjoyed this activity. It is important to change things up and create engaging learning opportunities for students whenever possible, and Breakout EDU is the perfect tool to do so.”


Frost’s Young Actors Shine in ‘Little Mermaid’

mermaid photo

Young actors at Robert Frost had a chance to challenge their dramatic and singing skills with the school’s December performance of Disney’s classic “The Little Mermaid,” directed by teachers Lauren Stein and Lori Sullivan.

The second production of the Robert Frost Cabaret series, it starred Xavier Edmond as Prince Eric; Dimitra Pavlatos as Ariel; Amanda Vasquez as Ursula, Stephanie Sheeler as Scuttle; Carson Warkenthien as  Sebastian; Frankie Alfieri as Flounder; Drea Hendrickson as King Triton; Abigail Siegel as Flotsam, Pilot and Gull; Bryana Aguilar as Jetsam; Marina Williams as Petsam and Chef Louis; Elizabeth Howe as Grimsby; Julia Silva as Aquata; Kayleigh Pellicano as Andrina; Cassidy Boltz as Arista; Marina Williams as Atina; Arielle Salgado as Adella; and Theresa Tiernan as Allana.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to have musical theater alive at Robert Frost,” said Dr. Eliana Levey, the school’s principal. “Ms. Stein and Mrs. Sullivan worked themselves to the bone to prepare our students for this magnificent production. I am so proud of both them and our students for an outstanding and beautiful show.”

“The show was such an amazing experience,” said seventh-grader Siegel. “I made new friends and it helped me with my confidence. I learned more about singing and stage presence from Ms. Stein and Mrs. Sullivan. I can’t wait to see what is in store for next year.”

Deer Park Savors the Sweet Season with Gingerbread Traditions

 Deer Park Savors the Sweet Season with Gingerbread Traditions

Across the district, students, families and teachers savored the season with enduring gingerbread traditions.

In Paula Behrens’ family and consumer science class at Robert Frost, eighth-graders continue an annual tradition of exploring gingerbread making from scratch, learning dough manufacturing and piping. The students  baked their own gingerbread pieces, cut their own bases, and figured out how many batches of dough to make for the class, then finished with piping and decorating.

“I had never made gingerbread from scratch before, so I really enjoyed it,” said Mya Perkins. “I also learned which icing to use.”

At both JQA and May Moore, kindergartners were visited by family members for a festive morning of decorating gingerbread houses.

“It’s great to have all the families together, working with their young ones to enjoy the season,” said JQA teacher Joe Bottino.

“This is an all-time favorite holiday activity and has become one of the most anticipated holiday traditions in my classroom,” said May Moore teacher Tammy Cotrone. “The students and their families love building and decorating gingerbread houses. For us adults, it gives us a little bit of our childlike wonder back. Just because we’re grown up doesn’t mean we don’t still enjoy the ‘sweet’ things in life.”



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