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Locker Room Guidelines

There are Men's and Women's locker and bathroom facilities as well as changing curtains for use on deck at this pool. We do not admit people from the track, or spectators from outdoor events to use these bathroom facilities during youth programs. In addition to our Facility Rules, here are some guidelines for cooperative use of all changing areas and restroom facilities.


  • Gum, food/drink and talcum or baby powders are NOT allowed in the locker room. They create and contribute to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. 
  • We ask that every patron use the most appropriate area considering the privacy of ALL participants.
    *For example, if an older child has special needs, or parental assistance is needed for a family with a variety of young children who might be in different locker rooms or the locker room for the child is not appropriate for the parent,  we have curtains for outside the locker area as an option. Please speak with a senior lifeguard for accommodations if necessary.*
  • Sinks and toilets are available for use inside either locker room
  •  Toilet stalls are NOT changing areas. Leave at least one available for its intended use. Dress quickly so everyone has space and time.
  • Show respect for others. Observe expanded personal space; Keep your hands/feet, eyes, and comments to yourself. Dress quickly so everyone has space and time. 
  • Locker rooms are a confined space.  Masks are optional at your own discretion whenever you are not in the water, personal distance remains recommended. 
  • Face coverings are ineffective if wet, do not wear one in a shower or in the pool.
  • If you shower after swimming, please wrap in a towel as soon as possible afterward. For health and safety, do not sit on benches without a towel or clothes covering your body.
  • There is space on the bleachers for some belongings while you are swimming. Limit the amount of personal belongings brought to the facility to the greatest extent possible. Please make an extra effort to carry out anything you carry in. We will NOT be holding "lost and found".