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English Language Arts Department

Justin Uliano
Director of ELA, Reading and Library             
Grades 6-12
(631) 274-4153

English Language Arts - ELA | Pease Middle School Northside Independent  School District



The English Language Arts Department at Deer Park is committed to inspiring our students to growing into lifelong readers, passionate writers, critical thinkers, thoughtful citizens, and mindful adults. In ELA, we read literature to develop our understanding of ourselves and of others. We read informational texts to engage with the world around us. We write to explore our own thinking and to share our view of the world with ever-expanding audiences. We speak to build consensus and express our own experiences. We listen, because we are curious, thoughtful, and open-minded. It is our goal for students to move forward from Robert Frost Middle School and Deer Park High School with a recognition that the Language Arts are fundamental in our lives and our development, and will only support us in everything we do. The ELA teachers of Deer Park are committed every day to cultivating these rich literary and humane skills for each of our students.

ELA, Reading, and Library Faculty

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