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Health and Physical Education

In the students are offered instruction in a variety of related topics that include, among others, personal hygiene, nutrition, eating disorders, growth and development, parenting, family life, relationships, peer pressure, substance abuse, reproduction, decision making, self-esteem, puberty and CPR.

The K-12 Physical Education program offers the students an age appropriate curriculum that promotes an understanding of a variety of activities that stress knowledge, competence, fitness, cooperation and lifetime involvement in the benefits of being an active participant in sports and recreational endeavors.

The curriculum for both Physical Education and are aligned to the New York State Learning Standards of Personal and Fitness, A Safe andy Environment, and Resource Management.

Field trips, projects, and guest speakers compliment the instruction in both subjects.


Health and Physical Education Staff

You can access the E-Mail and E-Board accounts for each of our teachers by clicking on the links below:

School Dept. Contact
DPHS Health Ms. Militello
DPHS Health Ms Rochetta
DPHS Phys. Ed. Mr. Argensiano
DPHS Phys. Ed. Mr. Kockenmeister
DPHS Phys. Ed. Mr. Lopicolo
DPHS Phys. Ed. Mr. Marner
DPHS Phys. Ed. Ms. Rocchetta
DPHS Phys. Ed. Ms. Terracciano
DPHS Phys. Ed. Mr. Tower
RFMS Health Ms. Deacon
RFMS Health Ms. Gioia
RFMS Health Ms. Michael
RFMS Phys. Ed. Ms. Feingold-Smith
RFMS Phys. Ed. Mr. Hecker
RFMS Phys. Ed. Mr. LoPiccolo
RFMS PHys. Ed. Ms. O'Donnell
JFK Phys. Ed. Mr. Argenziano
JFK Phys. Ed. Mr. Saccone
JFK Phys. Ed. Ms. Zuk
MM Health Mr. Kockenmeister
MM Health Mr. Mangio
JQA Health Ms. Kaplan
JQA Health Ms. Zuk