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Teen and Adult Swim Instruction


This program format is small group instruction with some individualized attention for beginner and intermediate swimmers ages 13 and over. Occasionally we will recommend this program for a Tween who is better served by a more grown-up setting.

Each swimmer is assigned to a lane, family members are encouraged to share a lane. There are spaces on the bleachers for belongings, locker rooms and curtains for privacy and personal space when changing. Face coverings are permitted OUT of the water if you desire, face-coverings are NOT allowed in the water.

Teens and Adults can learn floating, gliding, how to put together the mechanics of swim basics and how to polish those skills to gain water competency in this program. Swimming is a fitness activity often referred to as a gateway exercise, this could be your introduction to lifetime fitness!

Properly cleaned equipment will be provided by the facility for use. If you do have your own kickboard, fins, goggles or floats you are welcome to bring them but should NOT share any personal belongings. Please carry out whatever you carry in.


Winter 2023-2024 Schedule:  Thursdays 6:30-7:00 PM

Winter I:  December 7th-February 1st NOT Dec. 14th, 28th and Jan. 18th

Winter II: February 8th-March 14th 

Enrollment Fee: Deer Park Resident $40   Non Resident $80


1.Enrollment Requests FOR THIS PROGRAM accepted by Email as of November 27, 2023 to Requests MUST include:

  • Participant's Name, age and date of birth
  • The mailing address for this participant
  • Choose Winter I OR Winter II  (swimmers choosing Winter I can be on a waitlist for Winter II if desired)
  • Optionally describe any particular goals or experiences you wish to have known by instructors

2. Enrollment will be confirmed in an email including a fact sheet with guidance for participation.

3. Registration forms will be signed and payment collected in person at the first class attended for this program.

    Enrollment Fee: Deer Park Resident $40   Non Resident $80