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Violinist Gloria Min Performs at Carnegie Hall

Violinist Gloria Min Performs at Carnegie Hall  thumbnail257563

Deer Park High School junior Gloria Min, a violinist in the school’s orchestra and chamber orchestra, recently performed at the New York International Artists Festival at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Min had participated in the American Protege competition last fall and had a winner’s recital.  

Date Added: 4/18/2024

JFK Students Start Up Falcon Food Cart

JFK Students Start Up Falcon Food Cart     thumbnail257564

Heather Buksa’s and Jennifer Zylberberg’s classes at John F. Kennedy Intermediate School recently started a Falcon Food Cart. Together, their students are working on communication skills and functional math skills as they package up pre-ordered items and sell items on their cart to staff members in the building. Zylberberg created labels and communication prompts for students to be used to interact with customers. Profits earned from the Falcon Food Cart will help support social and community gatherings for the classes.

“The students are learning skills that are taught in the classroom and carrying it over for authentic experiences,” Buksa said.

Date Added: 4/18/2024

Robert Frost Marches Out Against Hate

Robert Frost Marches Out Against Hate   thumbnail257461

As part of ongoing efforts to promote a culture of inclusivity and kindness within the school community, the World of Difference Club at Deer Park’s Robert Frost Middle School introduced a March Out Against Hate schoolwide activity on March 26. The purpose was to raise awareness about the importance of combating hate and fostering acceptance and respect among students.

During homeroom, classes began the day by watching a “Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” video highlighting the impact of hate and the long-lasting effects that hateful speech and behavior can have on others. They also discussed two main points: how to be an “upstander” and how to stand up to a bully or incidents of hate. Students involved in clubs and sports were then encouraged to participate by creating banners and signs with messages against hate.   

Following the video presentation and sign-making activity, club students were invited to join together to walk the school’s track, a symbolic gesture that serves as a visible demonstration of their commitment to standing up against hate and promoting a culture of respect and inclusion at Robert Frost Middle School and the world.

“We believe that activities like March Out Against Hate not only raise awareness but also empower students to be active agents of positive change within our school community,” speech language pathologist Stephanie O’Connell said. “By coming together as a community and taking a stand against hate, we can make a positive impact and create a school environment where everyone feels safe, respected and valued.”

Date Added: 4/16/2024

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse in Our Primary Schools

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse in Our Primary Schools thumbnail257460

Art classes at May Moore celebrated the solar eclipse by creating making eclipse projects with pastels, while Kasey Kephart’s students at JQA made eclipse mobiles with popsicle sticks!

Date Added: 4/16/2024

May Moore’s Marvelous “101 Dalmatians”

May Moore’s Marvelous “101 Dalmatians” thumbnail257328

Young actors and singers of Deer Park’s May Moore Primary School recently presented a marvelous production of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians” musical, directed by Kristen Lombardo. The enthusiastic cast included Lucy O’Sullivan as Penny, Isobel Nalewajk as Pepper, Jacqueline Rubio as Lucky, Rosalie Torrusio as Patch, Khayim Ford as Pongo, Eleanor Nissen as Perdita, Peyton Romano as Roger, Hannah Paleologos as Anita, Olivia Juarbe as Cruella de Vil, Victoria Barco as Nanny, Brayden Gavin as Horace and Brian Fletchman as Jasper.

Date Added: 4/12/2024