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Staff Directory

John F. Kennedy Intermediate School

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Susan Bonner  
Associate Principal - Curr., Inst. & Assess.
Kelly Benson  
Associate Principal - Opers. & P.P.S.
Shaun McLeod  
Curriculum Associate
Dr. Sheridan  
3rd Grade
Ms. Attonito  
Ms. Bullis  
Ms. Chipkin  
Ms. Cotter  
Mr. Higgins  
Ms. Kokolakis  
Ms. Manning  
Ms. Moynihan  
Ms. Price & Ms. Giannotti  
Ms. Wasp & Ms. Tortorici  
Ms. Romann  
Ms. Zylberberg  
4th Grade
Ms. Amato  
Ms. Arella  
Ms. D'Auria  
Ms. Ghiraldi  
Ms. Kalisiewicz  
Ms. King  
Ms. MacQuarrie  
Ms. Lombardo & Mr. Verdicchio  
Ms. Baker & Ms. Dabrusky  
Ms. Loughlin & Ms. Hurlbert  
Ms. Schumacher  
Ms. Torres  
Ms. Vahle  
5th Grade
Ms. Acevedo  
Mr. Bond  
Ms. Buksa  
Ms. Dinielli  
Ms. Dixon  
Ms. Finley  
Mr. Fitzmaurice  
Ms. Guzzone  
Ms. Hyland  
Ms. Simet & Mr. Colford  
Mr. Capobianco & Mr. Patch  
Ms. McAdam & Ms. Fitzgerald  
Ms. Palopoli  
Ms. Schulter  
Ms. Tuozzo  
Ms. Bibow-Buck  
Ms. Schwartz  
Computer Lab
Ms. Bogart  
Ms. Corbin  
Ms. Essig  
Ms. DiLeone  
Ms. Wellbrock   
Math Lab
Ms. Alfieri  
Ms. Marck  
Ms. Marotta  
Ms. Petraco  
Ms. Attard  
Mr. Gullotti  
Ms. Lombardo  
Mr. Nicolosi  
Mr. Romano  
Physical Education
Mr. Argenziano  
Mr. Saccone  
Ms. Zuk  
Dr. Cangelosi  
Reading Lab
Ms. Katz  
Ms. Leichert  
Ms. Musachio  
Ms. Ponzio  
Ms. Smith  
Resource Room
Ms. Carr  
Social Worker
Ms. Miller-Douglas  
Ms. D'Auria  
Ms. Hagan  
Ms. Niebling  
Deer Park School District