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Ducklings: for Infants and Toddlers 

Ducklings is a water orientation class for infants and toddlers aged 9-36 months.  It is also appropriate for pre-school and some older children with separation anxiety or other special needs. Each student in this program will have a parent or other trusted adult enrolled as their partner to accompany them in the water.  Adult partners will learn techniques for securely holding and supporting the child in the water as well as ways to create a safe structure for swimming activities. This class can benefit your child by helping them to be appropriately comfortable and confident around water while developing basic skills that can translate to swimming readiness. Anyone over age 16 may accompany the child if a parent cannot attend, in fact, it is recommended that any adult who may spend time in the water with your child observe, or take a turn participating in this course with them so that water safety becomes a consistent effort.

Swim diapers are required to maintain a clean and safe swimming environment for all bathers and for the health and safety of your child if your child is not potty trained. We do not provide swim diapers or any other bathing attire. Bathing suits with an elastic leg should be worn over  swim diaper - NO REGULAR DISPOSABLE DIAPERS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE POOL.  Appropriate bathing attire is required of ALL participants. There are changing table stations in each the men's and women's locker rooms. Please come to class wearing bathing suits whenever possible to help us start on time. Please DO NOT change your child's diaper/underwear on the bleachers or out in the open on the pool deck.


Bring an upbeat, positive attitude. Your child will learn from your reactions, for example if you get into the water and wince or make an unpleasant face when you are splashed, your child will learn that water is "yucky". Positive reinforcement is the most effective method of encouraging your child at this stage;  tell them how well they're doing and show them, by being excited about appropriate actions or efforts. You set the tone. If you get water in your face, smile and act like you like it! Your child will learn to like it too!

To enroll your child in the Ducklings program please follow these directions, do not come to registration for Learn to Swim, you do not stand in that line for Ducklings:

 1.  Email  Aquatic Director Jeanne-Marie Kavanagh:

 2.  Include the child's name & age and your best contact telephone number in either an email or voicemail message. Be sure to state which class you wish to enroll in, and please indicate if you are intending to enroll your other children in classes this seasonal session. 
 3.  Registration and payment will be completed at the first attended class for this program.


Tuesday 6:30-7:00 PM Fall session ending November 19th
Winter session scheduled for January 21st-March 17th except NOT February 18th 

Saturday 8:35 - 9:05 AM Fall Session October 19th - December 21st except not November 9th and 30th
Winter session scheduled for January 18th-March 21st except NOT February 15th and 22nd 

Session Fees: Deer Park Resident $40 per adult/child pair, Non-Resident $80 per adult/child pair



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