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Youth Learn to Swim (minimum age 3 to start - 13 years)

Saturday Morning Lesson Program during the school year.  

Winter classes scheduled for January 18th - March 21st except no classes February 15th & 22nd


Registration for Beginner and Intermediate Progressive Levels FOR WINTER
Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls and Petrels: In person January 11th at the pool hallway from 9:00-11:00 AM.

Registrants for memberships and other programs including Teen / Adult swim instruction, Springboard Diving Activity,  Ducklings, and the advanced lesson levels (Flamingos, Osprey, Seahawks, Falcons) should NOT be in that line but should contact the Aquatic Director instead.

Our customized swimming program does incorporate the latest American Red Cross guidelines and provides a positive learning experience for swimmers ages 3-13 by following a developmental pattern of progressive skills but, we do not issue American Red Cross certificates at this time. If your child has participated in Red Cross or any other swim program we can evaluate an appropriate class recommendation during public swimming hours prior to any seasonal registration.


Registration will be held at the pool on a first come, first enrolled basis at the scheduled date and time for each seasonal session in order to maintain safe instructor to student ratios for progressive levels; Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls and Petrels. Children do not need to be present with the adult completing registration and if you cannot make registration another person can complete it for your children with appropriate documentation for proof of your residency. Other instructional programs with higher enrollment per instructor like Ducklings and the Advanced levels; Flamingos, Osprey, Seahawks and Falcons have a separate method of registration. Check the Ducklings page or scroll all the way down this one for the Advanced level information.
Late registrations will only be accepted prior to the third class in a session if and only if there is room remaining in an appropriate class. Drivers' licenses, utility bills, library cards and Deer Park School District report cards are all acceptable forms of proof of residency.

Sandpipers is an introductory level with no pre-requisites other than age. It is meant for preschool aged swimmers ( must already be 3-5 years, not turning 3 during the session) who are new to swimming lessons and / or to our program. If a parent with a child aged 3-5 would prefer, we can accommodate them in Ducklings with the parent if that will make the child or parent more comfortable. Sometimes we will recommend switching into Ducklings if that seems like a better fit for an individual child even if they are already over age 3.

Plovers is both an age appropriate starting place for older school aged beginning level students and an appropriate class for swimmers who need extra practice with fundamental skills in shallow water after Skimmers or between Puffins and Pelicans. Skills at this level include breath control, floating on front and back and coordination of arm and leg patterns. Swimmers in this level will gain water skill competency to move to a deeper water class in the future. (Roughly Red Cross Preschool level 1 and Level 1 Beginner - 2 Beginner)

Skimmers, Puffins and Plovers are advanced beginner levels that are not necessarily sequential. For example; some swimmers will never do Plovers, some will be in that level between Skimmers and Puffins, some after Puffins, some may even start at Plovers and go directly to Pelicans.  The individual progression will be totally dependent on each child's needs and the appropriate challenge for that child. There is no typical age or number of classes participated in indicating progression at these levels. Swimmers in Skimmers / Puffins / Plovers levels will gain experience and independence floating and swimming increasingly longer distances from a few body lengths to half way across the pool or more. There is also a significant depth increase from 3 1/2-4 ft of water at Puffins. (Roughly Red Cross Preschool level 2 and Level 2 Beginner +)

Pelicans, Gulls, and Petrels are intermediate levels that all require experience and skill proficiency from previous levels or previous swim lesson experience to build on. These are the most specifically sequential in our program. Pelicans is one of our most sought after classes and is the most critical hurdle in the progressive levels for many participants. Controlled, well coordinated technique and overall endurance develop here and there is a significant increase in the depth of water where each of these classes are held from 3 1/2-5 1/2 ft. Pelicans swim partial widths - full widths by the end of the session, Gulls start with full widths and increase in repetition each class, Petrels start with widths and work up to swimming pool lengths by the end of a session. Students sometimes get "stuck" at one or more of these levels for several sessions until there is an appropriate balance in their skill competency and overall strength and endurance showing readiness for the next progressive level and indicating safe participation in the corresponding deeper water. (Roughly Level 3 and 3+ / 4, from stroke development - stroke improvement)

Flamingos, Osprey, Seahawks and
Falcons are advanced level classes that require instructor recommendation or verification of skills prior to enrollment. If you have a child in one of these levels DO NOT come to in person registration. Please email to get a skill evaluation or to pre-enroll. If your child has been in our program we have record of their readiness for these levels. These advanced levels require students to swim multiple lengths (25 meters each) of the pool during the 30 minute class. Good fundamental technique must be demonstrated in front crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, back crawl, butterfly and sidestroke with increasing consistency and increasing endurance to progress through Flamingos (stroke improvement) and Osprey (stroke refinement). Then, Seahawks (swim and focus on Personal Water Safety) and Falcons (swim and focus on Fundamentals of Diving)  are together the highest level and can be options for the most advanced swimmers. (These advanced levels roughly match Red Cross levels 4-6 including the level 6 options)

We group swimmers by ability over age and by both when possible. Instructor recommendations and certifications from other programs will be taken into account when placing a child in the appropriate class. If you are unsure what level your child belongs in, we will be happy to assist in determining what level will be the most appropriate challenge for your child. You can ask for an evaluation during our public swim hours prior to registration day (but you may not register for lessons during public swim). If a child is found to be enrolled in a class that is not an appropriate challenge during the first class or two or of a session, every effort will be made to properly accommodate that child by switching classes or sometimes by other means like adding an instructor to a class or splitting a group to meet the needs of multiple swimmers. All student placement will be verified during the first class of each session and changes will be made to give each participant a safe, appropriately challenging swimming experience.

Parent observation from within the pool area is allowed only on the first and last day of classes to minimize distractions, enhance the safety of all participants and to comply with Health Dept. requirements.

We ask for cooperation and caution in the parking lot; allow a few minutes extra for parking and getting into the building, DO NOT Park illegally. There is another lot entrance just past the pool lot on North 1st St.  Yes, it is a little further of a walk but it is safer to park there and walk with your child to the pool entrance than to send them in unattended, or to double park or block in another car in the pool lot when it is crowded. When there are school teams in season, there will be athletes, buses and spectators also using the back lot. Being on time and having your child use the restroom at home before class will help us start on time and will help your child get the most of their lesson. Swimmers enroll at ONE time and come for that time ONLY. We cannot accommodate make up attendance at different times. We do not offer makeups unless we cancel and will only reschedule a day if we can fit it in the operational schedule.Please do not bring any child not enrolled to the pool expecting to put them in the water.*


Saturday morning class schedule for Progressive levels:

*Some classes may be combined or cancelled based on enrollment and available staffing*

  9:10-  9:40 AM  Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls, Petrels

  9:45-10:15 AM  Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls, Petrels

10:20-10:50 AM  Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls, Petrels
10:55-11:25 AM  Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls, Petrels

Registration is in person (you or your representative, children do not need to be present) at the pool as scheduled and will be on a first come, first enrolled basis. Wait lists will be established for classes that fill up.  A driver's license, utility bill, library card or Deer Park Schools report card are all acceptable forms of proof of residency. Registration Fees: Deer Park Residents: $40  / Non-Residents: $80 per student




Advanced Levels (Flamingos, Osprey, Seahawks, Falcons): Email to pre-enroll for these levels. Do not come stand in line at seasonal registration and please do not show up without pre-enrolling. If your child is new to our program, a skills verification is necessary and can be completed with the senior lifeguard on duty at any public swimming hours prior to January 11th for Winter. Registration will be completed at the first class attended only for students from the pre-enrollment lists.  

Winter Class 11:30 AM - 12:00 Noon Saturdays January 18th - March 21st NOT Feb 15th and 22nd 
Registration Fees: Deer Park Residents: $40 / Non-Residents: $80 per student





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