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                                  About World Languages


Department Objectives: World Languages are increasingly important in our shrinking world. Not only is language study useful in a variety of career fields, but it also helps break down barriers in communication. Deer Park's World Languages Department emphasizes the importance of being able to converse with those who speak another language, especially in today's ever-changing, multicultural society. As the study of a Language other than English promotes a better understanding of the world in which we live, the department encourages students to explore culture through language.


Course of Study: Language study begins in Grade 6 in our Multi-Language Exploratory course. Students are exposed to French, Italian, and Spanish. At the end of Grade 6, students select one of these three languages to explore for their Grade 7 language learning experience. Once students enter Grade 7, Checkpoint A coursework begins. Students receive one unit of High School credit upon successful completion of Grades 7 and 8 and the passing of the FLACS A assessment. For more information on the FLACS A assessment, click here.


At the High School level, continued language instruction is offered in French, Italian, and Spanish. Students who wish to obtain a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation must complete a three-year language sequence (Checkpoint B) and pass the FLACS B assessment. For more information of the FLACS B assessment, click here.


After FLACS B, students may choose to enroll in language courses at the Checkpoint C level in French, Italian, and Spanish. In these advanced level courses, eligible students may obtain college credit through the St. John's University College Advantage program. In order to receive college credit, students must enroll in St. John's and pay a non-refundable fee. For more information, please visit St. John's College Advantage Program website, here.


The following flowchart offers a visual representation of Deer Park's World Languages Course of Study after Grade 8:



Extracurricular Activities: Each year, high-performing students are inducted into the National French, Italian, and Spanish Honor Societies. Through the World Language National Honor Societies, students are exposed to cultural aspects of the languages they study and have the opportunity to participate in service activities, which require them to use their learned language skills in both our schools and community. To visit the World Language National Honor Societies' eBoard, please click here.

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