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Seasonal Program Announcements  

Fall program enrollment begins September 5th. Please check the program pages for specifics including dates, times and directions for programs you are interested in. Click on course title.

*Wait lists from other seasons DO NOT carry over to another season*


*Lifeguards provide surveillance during ALL our programs separate from any instruction being given*


Youth Swim Instruction

Saturday mornings during the school year, this is our small group (4 - 6 per instructor depending on the level) progressive level lesson format for children ages 4-13. Sandpiper, Skimmer, Plover, Puffin, Pelican Gull, Petrel.

Advanced youth swimmers (Flamingo, Osprey, Seahawks, Falcons) can choose an early Saturday morning lesson right after our Varsity swim team or may like to participate in Youth Fitness swim.  
*Fall Classes FULL except a few advanced levels*


Youth Fitness Swim


Guided swim workout, NOT a traditional "lesson", for water competent school-aged swimmers interested in fitness. This program builds on previously learned basic skills and is a good bridge between intermediate level lessons and school swim teams.

Minimum pre-requisites apply as follows: (Ask to be tested at Public Swim as of September 5th)

- Be able to enter deep water feet first from the side, fully submerge and recover to surface without assistance

- Swim front crawl stroke 25 meters

- Maintain position on back for 1 minute in deep water while floating or sculling

- Swim backstroke 15 meters

-Safely exit the water 

Generally, this program is appropriate for swimmers who have previously participated in our Youth Learn to Swim advanced levels: Petrels, Flamingos, Osprey, Seahawks or Falcons or an American Red Cross level 4 and above at another facility. Some Gulls may enjoy this program as a means to build endurance through drills. This program will NOT involve direct contact between instructors and participants. Instructors will primarily remain out of the water unless a demonstration or safety situation requires their entry. Lifeguards will be on duty.   



Ducklings(infant/toddler) - 9 months - 48 months with an adult from home cohort.

Fall plans include a Saturday morning offering and a Tuesday evening offering. *Fall classes FULL* 

A safe, shared water orientation experience for children 9 months - 4 years (<48 months) accompanied in the water by an adult partner from their every day cohort / household. Each adult -child pair will be provided space on the first row of the bleachers and an area in the pool permitting the adult to stand no deeper than chest deep in water. Structure and support techniques will be taught to adults while children develop good habits around the water and experience buoyancy and movement.  Enrollment is limited by the space available. 


Teen / Adult Swim Instruction (TASI)- Ages 13 - Adult  

Fall plans are for Thursday evenings 6:30-7:00 PM. Small group instruction with some individual attention for beginner and intermediate swimmers ages 13 and over. Lanes will be assigned by the instructor.