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Seasonal Program Announcements  *Spring programs start during April*

At some other pool facilities you are required to purchase a membership in order to participate in a program, but at this facility you chose; you can do either or both. Please follow the registration directions for each program as outlined on the program information page. Click on each program title to access the links below for specifics. Use your "back" key to return to this page for navigating between program pages.


Youth Fitness Swim-  

This is our swim workout program for school aged swimmers who can complete a water competency review and who wish to have a fitness level activity without the greater commitment level of competitive swimming or who wish to have a brush up day during their off season from school teams.Email to request a skill review and / or to enroll.  Do not come to the in person registration for Learn to Swim for this program. 

Spring workouts are scheduled for April 4th - June 20th 
Click on the program title for seasonal details, updates in progress.

Teen / Adult Swim Instruction (TASI)

*Monday / Wednesday evenings* 8:00 or 8:30 PM start options for Beginner and Intermediate instruction during public swimming for Teens and Adults. This program is ongoing throughout our operational schedule by season.  

Two Spring sessions are in our program plan. Session I: April 8th-May 8th  and Session II: May 13th-June 19th except not May 27th 

Please check the program page linked from the title for details and how to enroll, updates are in progress.

Do not come to the in person registration for Learn to Swim for this program.


Youth Learn to Swim

Spring classes are scheduled for April 27th-June 22nd except NOT May 25th (Memorial Day weekend)  

Registration for Sandpipers, Skimmers, Plovers, Puffins, Pelicans, Gulls and Petrels is April 13th 9:00-11:00 AM.
Children need not be present, friends or family can register for you if you cannot attend this in person registration for these progressive levels. Registration is first come, first enrolled in order to maintain safe instructor to student ratios.*Children must be 3 or over, not turning 3 during the session. If under age 3, or aged 3-5 but not ready for a group class without a parent please email to enroll in Ducklings instead. 

Advanced level enrollment for Flamingos, Osprey, Seahawks and Falcons does NOT require coming to the in person registration but will require verification of skills before enrollment is accepted via email through the Aquatic Director. Do not come to the in person registration for advanced levels, please email prior to April 13th instead.

Click on the program title for greater detail on the program page. 


a shared experience for children 9 mths - 36 mths accompanied in the water by an adult partner

This program is planned for Tuesday evening and Saturday morning offerings this Spring starting on Tuesdays as of  April 23rd and on Saturdays as of April 27th. Click on the program title for details and how to enroll. Do not come to in person registration for Learn to Swim for this program, please email instead.


Springboard Diving-   

A supervised recreational diving activity for beginner and non-competitive divers aged 8 and over who meet pre-requisite skills. Click on the program title for details including course prerequisites and how to enroll. This program is planned for Tuesday evenings this school year.

Spring program scheduled for April 23rd-June 18th except not May 21st.
*Enrollment for spring is FULL. A wait list is being established*


American Red Cross Lifeguarding

Summer 2019 course offering is being planned. Please check back in late May for dates and directions on how to complete the pre-course requirements. You may click on the course title to see the required skills and an example of course details from our winter class.
Summer programming is typically set up for approximately 3 hours on 2 weekday mornings each week over a 4 - 5 week span.

If you are looking for renewal of an existing certificate please email 



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